Swim Details

The Skaha Lake Ultra Swim is an 11.8k point-to-point swim in the warm, fresh waters of Skaha Lake. The course meanders along the warm-water (23°C or 74°F on average) shoreline nestled within an incredibly scenic valley making it an ideal location for ultra distance swims.

Skaha Lake Ultra Swim Rules & Regulations

1. Wetsuits, goggles and/or face masks are permitted.

2. Athletes/Swimmers will be issued a numbered swim cap at race package pick-up     which will be colour coded according to your anticipated swim time. White caps are available for those who are anxious about their swim. Your swim cap must be worn throughout the race and may not be switch with any other athlete.

3. Wetsuits are strongly recommended but not mandatory.

4. The use of a swim buddy device is encouraged but not mandatory. Other flotation devices are not allowed unless specifically approved by the Race Director.

5. No fins, paddles, snorkels or other artificial aids for propulsion are allowed.

6. It is mandatory that each athlete be accompanied by one swim escort, on a non-motorized escort craft. The craft must be capable of supporting two people in the event of an emergency. SUP are permitted.

7. Paddlers must have the following equipment: 2 PFDs (one for yourself and an extra one for your swimmer), two paddles, a bailing device and a tow rope if these are applicable to your craft, and a whistle, applicable to everyone. You must have a cell phone (use a plastic zip lock bag for protection).

8. Athletes can hold onto the escort craft for a rest or while eating/drinking, but no forward motion is allowed.

9. No drafting off another athlete or escort craft is allowed.

10. Athletes must provide their own food/drinks for themselves and their escort for the duration of the swim. Escorts are responsible for providing the athlete with their food and drinks throughout the swim.

11. Paddlers will be issued a matching numbered paddle to their athletes swim cap number at Race Morning Check-in. This will allow organizers to verify who has checked in to start the event. This paddle will be used during the race in the case of an emergency to identify the swimmer. Also at the finish line to indicate who is finishing. KEEP IT SAFE AND HANDY.

12. In an emergency, any escort needing assistance should wave their numbered paddle overhead and blow their whistle as a signal for help.

13. Substitution of escorts may be allowed as long as event officials are notified in advance and the substitute signs a waiver and such substitution does not create an unsafe situation.

14. There will be designated officials following the event and one warning for any infraction of the swim rules will result in a time penalty. A second warning will result in disqualification from the race.

15. There will be a time cut-off at 8 KM (Ponderosa Point) which must be reached within 4 hours 25 minutes. If your swimmer has not reached Ponderosa Point within the cut-off time, a support motor boat will pick them up and take them to the finish. Overall finish cut-off to have an official time will be 6 hours 30 minutes. The paddler will continue to paddle to the finish to check in with race officials after your swimmer has been removed from the course.

16. Event officials reserve the right to alter the cut-off time for the swim if water and/or weather conditions warrant such an alteration.

Print copy of Rules & Regulations.