Entry fees will not be refunded in their entirety and cannot be transferred; however we will provide a partial refund of $45 if we receive an email request by April 30. No refunds of any kind after April 30th.
Payment is online through Events.com
A support person is mandatory.
Use of a Swim Buddy is Recommended but not Mandatory. The swim buddy device is simply a safety tool. It makes swimmers much more visible in the water. This is important as swimmers can get quite spread apart and this allows our safety patrol and other boaters who are on the lake at the time a better chance to spot swimmers. With the potential for high wind and waves several support people may need to be rescued themselves. When a support person goes over, the swimmer is now left vulnerable or trying to help their support get back in their craft. Now 2 people are in the water and potentially not visible to our safety crew and other boats. Finally, should, anything really serious happen, many support boaters don’t have the experience, or sometimes the upper body strength to hold onto their swimmers until a powerboat/lifeguard can arrive, especially as they will be trying to both signal the power boats while helping their swimmer. The swim buddy has enough flotation that it will keep a swimmer’s body up if they hold onto it (which is easier than trying to hold onto a kayak or canoe). The swim buddy does not add any extra drag, and you won’t even notice it very quickly after you have started using it.
It is strongly recommended, but not mandatory, to wear a wetsuit.
Yes. There will be Sandwiches available for the athlete and paddler from Natures Fare and Cobs Bread.This is included in your entry fee. There are no extra tickets available.
Yes, we will have a dry strip gear check and shuttle to the finish area. Check in will be at the race start and clearly marked. If you want to leave a bag use the bag you receive at package pick -up it will have your number on it. At the end of the swim, show the volunteer your wrist band with your swim # on it to claim your bag.
Parking lots are available at Skaha Beach Park. Be sure to drop off your escort boat before parking.
Yes, on the Saturday, August 10, 2019 at Skaha Pavilion from 4:00-5:00pm This will be approximately 30 - 45 minutes in length. The Pavilion is located in the same Park as the Start so this will be a good time to see the Start area and to plan for the morning. Any questions you have about the swim can be answered at that time.
Yes, the Awards will as the Age Categories finish.
There will be a shuttle that runs every 45 minutes from Kenyon Park in Okanagan Falls to Skaha Beach in Penticton. The first shuttle will depart at 10:15 am and run every 45 minutes until 2:45 PM if necessary. You will need to bring your vehicle back to Kenyon Park to retrieve your boat. You will need to keep your race number with the boat and then use your wrist band to identify/match with the number when you return to retrieve the boat.
There will be a time cut-off at 8 KM (Ponderosa Point) which must be reached within 4 hours 25 minutes. If the swimmer does not reach Ponderosa Point within the cut off time, a support motor boat will pick you up and take you to the finish. Overall finish cut-off to have an official time will be 6 hours 30 minutes. The paddler will continue to paddle to the finish to check in with race officials if their swimmer is removed from the course.
Peach City Runners, 214 Main Street, Penticton, Saturday only from 10:00am-3:00pm. In order to receive your race package you must provide picture ID and your support person signed waiver. It is strongly suggested that your support person accompany you to package pick-up.
It is recommended that you find both your own support paddler and kayak. However if you are having a problem finding either or both of those you can contact Hoodoo Adventures team@hoodooadventures.ca in Penticton to arrange for either or both. Supplies are limited so reserve early. Your arrangements with Hoodoo Adventures are separate and independent of the Skaha Lake Ultra Swim Society and the Skaha Lake Ultra Swim.